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Operational Management

Our Safety Philosophy

  • All our personnel have been trained to think safety first, in anything that we do.
  • Each of us is entitled to stop unsafe work activities and we are personally accontable for our own safety and collectively responsible for each other.
  • We understand the risks associated with our work, and we are trained to comply with apppropriate safety requirements and always work accordingly.
  • We believe that no work is so important that it must be pursued or done at the sacrifice of safety.

Our Development Strategy

Serving our customers is the only is the primary reason why WSSL exist. Customer demand is the fundamental driving force of our development.

High quality, excellent service, low operation cost, and giving top priority to meet customer equirements in order to enhance their profitability.

Continuosly perfoming management transformatio to realise efficient process-based organization opertaion for ensuring high end-to-end delivery.

Developing with our peers in the industry as both competitors and partners to jointly create a favorable environment and share the benefit of the value chain.

We strive to deliver results safely, on time, on budget and to meet or exceed client requirement. Delivery excellence is at the heart of achieving customer loyalty.

100% of employees are Nigerians with relevant technical qualifications and or professional based certifications.

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