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Our Services

Wellhead Valves Integrity Maintenance Services

  • Dutifully engage in first and second line wellhead valves maintenance.
  • Ensure standard function testing of Surface Control Surbsuface Safety Valves.
  • Conduct standard troubleshooting and diagnostics of Surface Control Surbsuface Safety Valves.

  • Valve Sealing Enhancement Support Services

  • Provide and apply special sealant greese on leaking wellhead valves for sealing integrity enhancements.
  • Enhance sealing integrity of leaking production manifold valves; to support well test operation.
  • Allow for valve sealing conformance services to ensure barrier compliance in well work operations.

  • Intermitent Gas Lift Gas Supply Automation Service

  • In our quest to meaningfully participate in the upstream sector of the oil and gas sector, WSSL is introducing the deployment of self-acting temperature control valve for use as gas lift casing valve to automate and essure continuos liquid recovery from gas lift well with consistent kick-off supply.
  • This is a milestone contribution in the global application of this products, i.e. the extension of its usage to gas lift operations.

  • Supply and operation of portable wellwork servicing mast/lifting support

  • Provide both mechanical and hydraulic operated well servcing mast.
  • Can make available collapsible A-frame lifting support for heavy duty wellhead valves servicing and change-out operations

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